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aaaaahhh ;;;


aaaaahhh ;;;

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happy birthday to my childhood crush. (But still kind crushing on him) thank you for making my childhood epic. let me know when we can go back to NeverLand. xoxo. - Jeunelle


happy birthday to my childhood crush. (But still kind crushing on him) thank you for making my childhood epic. let me know when we can go back to NeverLand. xoxo. - Jeunelle

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Pirate!Free! postcard set = 7=; for ComicWorld 2014

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…but a single chromosome?

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how time flies

you aged really well

Pokemon trainers don’t age

Stay 10 forever, bruh

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"I’m not going to do the ice bucket challenge, I’m very sorry. It’s not going to make a difference if I do it or not. Everyone knows about the ice bucket challenge by this point. So instead I wanted to do what, it seems like a lot of people who do the ice bucket challenge don’t do, which is: talk about ALS, explain what ALS is."

he’s also going to donate $1,000

how can people even hate him? he’s amazing.

He’s made some awful jokes that are really offensive in a lot of ways, and I don’t condone any of that, and I really wish he could stop doing that, but I do agree with you; I think he’s a good person underneath all that. I use him as an example a lot of times when I try to explain to people that it’s not just black and white as far as goodness in people goes. So yeah, I’ll cut my ramble short here and just say that though I don’t like his sense of humor, I have to applaud what he’s doing for ALS , and all the donations he’s made to other charities ever since he’s become big on youtube.

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Day 1082 - 18  November 2013

with a dash of positivity


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Inspired by this text post
Bonus Coulson:


Inspired by this text post

Bonus Coulson:

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damn….I want the other one to be the big pic here…

notice how Equius’s arm is about two time’s Karkat’s arm.


==> Be the present king

You are tired of remembering awful stories about the previous king. He was a jealous motherfucker and he got what he deserved. You have a kingdom to look after now.

Your slave is looking at you weird. He always look at you weird. Beside the hateful eyes he uses to look at almost everything, there is this odd expression on his face when he looks at you. He has been doing it since the night you woke up to find him holding your hand. You didn’t like it so you send him to fetch you some sopor slime while you get back to your business.

You order an additional squad to patrol the shoreline and the border near it. You also have Tavros on the same mission. He is the best troll to do a quick patrol anywhere, so it would be a rational decision despite how you hated it so. You tell him repeatedly before he departed to stay as far from the water as possible. Sea dwellers are dangerous, even for someone who can fly like Tavros. The war have taught you well, though you had to learn all about it the hard way, even when you weren’t king back then.

Now the shoreline issues has been dealt with on your end, you have other things to do.

It is high time you show your face to your citizens. It’s been a long time since you last appear before your people.

==> Slave : accompany the king to the town

You HAVE TO accompany the king wherever he goes, whether you like it or not.

And you HATE it with a passion. 

EVERYONE is looking at you. It is your sash, which is bright red. All of the trolls in this town know exactly what kind of mutant you are.

Displaying blood color is nearly customary in this world. Especially when you are a slave or a soldier. The highbloods show off their blood colors by wearing garments dyed in shades according to their blood. The more ferocious ones are said to use the blood of their enemies (of the same caste) to make the dye.

Ordinary lowbloods just use any dye they can find at affordable price. 

Slaves and soldiers are very different. They are required to dyed the part of their clothes that display their caste with their own blood. An oath for a soldier, a leash for a slave. The ceremony is done by the head seamstress, in this case it was the troll named Kanaya. She seems sweet, but didn’t hesitate or so much as gave you a warning when she draw your blood.

This whole slave business is, really, NOT funny at all.

==> Be greeted by the hunter

A troll pushed forward through the crowd and when she got to the front, she greeted you with a loud voice.

You don’t even know how to react to that. It is so wrong just to acknowledge a slave, let alone greeting one. This girl must be out of her mind.

It took you a while, but then you noticed her familiar look. She is the hunter girl form earlier who was about to be bludgeon to death by the king. Now if he has not had some sopor slime, you are going to be so sure you will see her dead tonight. The soldier in front is also tensing up and sweating A LOT.

There is also someone behind her. You kind of assume they are together since this one follows the hunter all the way to the front with her. This troll wears a cloak and has the hood pulled down that you can’t really see the face. From the looks, you think said troll is a female.

And her horns…looks oddly familiar. You don’t know anyone with such pair of horns, but their shape seem to be of a kind that every troll should be able to recognize at first glance.


That took a little longer than I thought.

next time we’ll unhood the girl and reveal her story.

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Finally. I really to do something with my procrastination.

I mean I do it so much I actually know how to spell it now.

So here…let’s get to my favorite troll for a change.


==> Be the cavalreaper

You are now the cavalreaper on a mission. You have patrolled the shore line as ordered by the king and the task is almost done. There is no suspicious movement from the sea dweller in the area. However, there were some town people mentioning of pirates. You decided to do an extra round of aerial patrol. You let your squad return without you since they cannot fly and will not be of use sitting around.

You approach the ridge that marked the border. It cannot be crossed on foot, and most land dwelling trolls know better to get into the water.

You decide to just take a peek over the ridge. Unless you post actual threat, the sea dweller won’t say anything.

Beside, there’s no sea dweller around right now.

==> Do not let her see you

You are too late. She spotted you before you could hide.

There is a troll sitting on a boulder near the ridge. She wore cerulean so you assumed that was her blood color. Her garment are not exactly that of the kingdom, and she had some little thing to the way she looked at you that made you feels weird. Whatever it might be, now that she saw you, there is no point in hiding. You called out to her.

==> Be the pirate

Oh, there we go, you are not suppose to know about that yet, but fiiiiiiine.

Your name is VRISKA SERKET, and yes, you are a pirate troll of cerulean blood. Who is also born with a psychic mind and vision 8-folds. It can be a little bit of a pain when one of your eyes see seven thing at a time, so you keep an eye patch on to make your life a little easier to manage. But you check out the winged troll on the ridge with all eight of your eyes.

He is a soldier from the rage whatever kingdom. You have never seen a troll with wings before, a freakish mutation, really, but probably a useful one. He called out to you and you answer with a question. You asked of the sea princess but he shook his head.

You slowly and carefully probe his mind as he answered. If you do it slowly enough, he wouldn’t catch you doing it. There is no information that you need form him in his head, useless. Also you checked out his mental capacities. You can’t just control any troll with your mind, but this one seems to be susceptible enough. 

You asked him if you can cross the border. He thought about it, approaching you to get a closer look before saying no.

He recognized you as a pirate. It must have been some of those lowbloods who told him of you. 

You would just leave and sneak cross the border some other time, but now he pulled out his lance and stood on your way. He said he will need to arrest you, at least for the trail if nothing else.

Last time, the pirate faction gave their king the mutant blooded slave as a present to signify peace. They agreed to not cause problems within the kingdom. You have violated the agreement when you were looking for the sea princess and asked around the town. You mean you kind of get in a bit of fight and steal some money and jewelries, that was all. You didn’t really think much of your actions, but the soldier thought otherwise.

Either way, he was not letting you go.

It is a fight.



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I’m so sorry for such delay….I’m so drained these days.

But I have been wanting to post this update forever.

Is it just me or everyone is flippin table these day?


==> Slave : go to the king

Sollux told you to go and you ran. You probably would have gone anyway. The horn sound is echoing from above, someone has returned.

You had a few ideas. It must have been…well it was Tavros. The adviseer has brought him back, alive, but severely injured. 

The king rushed to see his favorite soldier, with the sea princess tagging along as she was having a conversation with him. Tavros couldn’t say much, while the head of the guards carry him in. Brown ‘chocolaty’ blood, as the adviseer put it, trailed on the floor. Tavros’s wings were in shreds. You couldn’t even believe they were the same pair as the beautiful fairy wings they used to be.

==> let the seamstress take the injured soldier

You, the king, the sea princess and the adviseer could only watch.

Tavros couldn’t walk at all. Kanaya, the seamstress, also head of the slave quarter led them to the healing block. She would not be fixing Tavros, but she will see it done as another troll take care of his injuries.

Gamzee would have follow, but he knew better and he couldn’t take it. It was clear that there is no hope for Tavros’s wings. They are not returning to what they were, and he will never fly again.

Even a slave like you know that the king will not greet his soldier on the balcony ever again.

The sea princess stood behind you. She observe everything with a rather thoughtful expression. You wonder what was it that she thought about.

==> Get the sea princess out of there.

Gamzee returned to his chamber. The sea princess followed, but you kept her out of the chamber. She said she would have a few words more with the king but you insist on her waiting.

She wouldn’t back down if Gamzee hadn’t started going on a rampage. He flipped the table and threw everything into the wall. He was destroying everything he could reach.

You pushed the sea princess away from the king’s chamber, telling her to stay away for the time being. You wanted to stay away as well, but Sollux had told you otherwise. You returned to the king’s side.

==> Do as the blind prophet said

Sollux told you to stay with the king and to hold him down.

There is NO HOPE for you to hold down a high blood. They are naturally stronger than you. You couldn’t hold down even someone with teal blood like the adviseer, let alone the king.

But you tried anyway. The king has turned to you and start beating you. You would probably tried to calm the king down even if Sollux hadn’t told you to. However, your only hope of succeeding, you felt, was to follow Sollux’s advise.

You didn’t look away even when your blood got into your eyes. You held his wrists and tried your best to avoid getting hit too hard or receive a knock out blow.

Gamzee beat you up pretty bad before he got tired.

==> comfort

The king lets himself falls to his knees, hands still holding on to you.

You pull him close and let him bury his face in your chest. He tries to hide his tears, but you can feel them burning on your skin. His fingers digging into your flesh. His shoulders shaking violently. 

You vision is redden by your blood and your head is throbbing with pain.  You can’t think of anything to say, not that you are ever supposed to say anything.

It started with a soft whimpering, a whine, then a cry, shamelessly weeping, wailing right into your body.

You let Gamzee cry, while letting him hold on to you, all in silence.

It is what Sollux told you to do.

But more than anything, it is all you can do.


finally, some pale bro action.